Square Dance Callers
Tim & Liz Merino


Tim Merino began Square Dance Calling in 1980 in Oroville California. The clubs he called for at the time were The Chico State Allemanders, The Sierra Steppers, and The Table Mountain Stompers. It was a very busy time. Calling 3 or 4 nights a week was not unusual. After about 4 years, he retired his microphone in 1984.

Tim and his wife Liz, re-entered the Square Dance activity as “Retread Dancers" around 2013. Whenever he stepped into a square and heard the music, that old “calling bug” would begin tug at him. He wanted to begin calling again. After some encouragement from dancers, (some he had taught over 30 years ago) and some “boundary” discussions with his wife, he decided to dust off the old microphone and begin the process of becoming a caller again. It was an interesting transition for him. Since he had called before, some calls had been retired and others were added to the programs. The "45" RPM records of the old days were gone and the new music medium had become digital music on a laptop. He says "What a GREAT tool for all callers!"

Today, Tim is the Caller for the Oroville Promenaders in Oroville CA., The Mavericks, and The Jet Sets Advanced group, both in Roseville CA.. He is also a recording artist for Rawhide Music. He now enjoys calling different levels of Square Dancing from SSD to Advanced. (he's working pretty darn hard on the latter). His Square Dance calling philosophy is to be sure EVERYBODY is having as much fun as possible! He says: "I enjoy calling a smooth dance and interacting with the dancers. It’s rewarding to see the dancer's interest and reaction to my calling efforts." Keeping everyone fully “entertained” is something Tim truly strives for.

Contact Tim:
email: tim@go-ab.com
websites: http://timmerino.com/, https://squaredancefun.com/


Holly Ferreira was born and raised in Los Molinos, a small Northern California town. Growing up Holly was an active member in 4-H and FFA. Her main project was raising Southdown sheep. Holly retired from an enjoyable teaching career in 2016. She resides in Northern California, living in the farming community of Sutter.

Her interest in square dancing began 11 years ago when she visited the Good Vibrations square dancing club’s booth at the local County Fair. She was invited to attend a beginner’s class and soon became a regular attendee at classes and dancing functions in the local area. An avid sewer, she created many outfits including holiday themed outfits to wear at local dances!

Holly’s interest in calling began when an opportunity presented itself to share her love of square-dancing with her students. She taught her second grade students enough square dance calls to put on a performance for their parents. From there, the calling bug caught Holly after an invitation to perform singing calls at a green caller’s night.

Holly belongs to the Good Vibrations Square Dance club in Marysville and Mavericks in Roseville. She has filled in for Club Caller’s in her area and has called at “Callers from the Floor” hours at many Festivals, She has called at USA West and Nationals

Contact Holly:
email: lovetosquaredance@hotmail.com
phone: (530) 755-0149
mobile: (530) 218-3891