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  • California Square Dance Council, Inc. This site includes information on square dancing throughout the state of California, including festivals around the state, the Califonria State Square Dance Convention, and other interesting information.
  • United Square Dancers of America United Square Dancers of America (UDSA) is the national dancers organization. Their website offers a wealth of free information on club officer duties, creating club newsletters, festival and party dance planning, youth programs and the like. Also available is information on the USDA Founders' Memorial Youth Scholarship Program; the Square Dance Credit Card Program; Dancers Insurance, and much more.
  • Callerlab CALLERLAB exists to improve square dancing: To recruit, promote, and maintain the square dance activity. As an organization of square dance callers, it is our mission to provide education and guidance to the leaders of our activity. CALLERLAB also maintains a suggested list of dancing programs, from Mainstream through C-3A.
  • Roundalab ROUNDALAB is the International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc.
  • ARTS Council Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square Dance is is made up of nationally recognized dance organizations. Square Dance INFO United States toll free number: 866-445-ARTS (2787). The ARTS is a newly formed entity that can better describe the diverse groups making up the 'greater' American Folk Dance community. Such a coalition will offer all dance organizations a chance for affiliation on a balanced and representative basis. The ARTS will allow for more effective public education of the square dance image, the health and fitness benfits of related dances to obtain corporate sponsorship, without diminishing any of the autonomy, or unique qualities and programs of any individual affiliate member.

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