Frequently Asked Questions

•  What is Square Dancing? A Square Dance is a country dance that starts with four couples facing one another in a square. Each dancer starts facing center. The couples are numbered and move counterclockwise through the square with steps and movements called out by a "caller" in time to the music. Partnerships change throughout the dance, as some square dance steps call for one partner to progress around the square while the other remains in position, or for both partners to move in opposite directions.

Square dancing is the most popular form of Folk Dance in America.
•  What is a Round Dance and how does it differ from a Square Dance? Round dancing, also known as choreographed ballroom dancing, is dancing to choreographed routines set to a piece of music. The cuer tells the dancers what figures come next just before they are to be executed, and the dances execute those figures in unison. Round dancing encompasses many rhythms: Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Rumba, Tango, and Waltz to name a few. Styles of ballroom dancing found in round dancing include Smooth, International, and Latin.

Unlike square dancing, round dancers dance as couples and do not change partners during a dance.
•  Dance Terminology
  • Round
  • Square
  • Tip
  • Plus
  • A-1
  • A-2

If you are looking for calls and cues, please visit the TAMinations website for details and animations.
•  Who can dance with the Mavericks? A common phrase among square dancers is, "If you can walk, you can square dance." Normally, it's used on folks who claim they have 2 left feet and could never learn to square dance, but it is also the only restriction the Mavericks have for who can dance with them. Children and their grandparents are welcome, too. •  What does it cost? Mavericks’ members pay dues by the year. Club dues are collected when you join, and then during the month of October. Club dues will be $75.00 per person for the entire year (if you dance 52 club nights in the year, that works out to about $1.45 per night). Pretty good deal for club membership. If you do not pay the ASDSC insurance by membership with another club, there will be an additional $13.00 for the year for a total of $88.00 per person.

Classes are extra: see Schedules & Events for details.
•  Do I have to have special clothes? No. You are not required to have special square dance clothes to participate in any of our dances. It is helpful, but not required, to have a good pair of dance shoes.

Some members enjoy the chance to wear clothes that reflect the tradition of square dancing. If you would like to avail yourself of this practice, please see the answer to the next question.
•  Where can I get square dance clothes if I want them? We have an annual "Clothes Closet" in which members make their used square dance clothes available for purchase by consignment. Please visit our Clothes Closet page for more information. •  Where do you meet? All club sponsored activities, classes, dances, board meetings, etc. are held at Veterans Memorial Hall, Royer Park, 110 Park Drive, Roseville, CA 95678. •  When do you meet? We meet regularly to dance on Monday evenings (with round dance classes earlier in the evening) and hold round and square dance classes on Wednesday evenings. We also have occasional special events, usually on a Friday or Saturday. Please refer to the Schedules page for more information. •  Do I have to have a partner? It is not necessary to bring your own partner. It is not uncommon for single dancers to meet and partner-up with another single. Or you can come each week and dance with who-ever is available. •  What is expected of a person dancing with the Mavericks?
  1. No alcohol is permitted; no drinking on site and no alcohol or drug-induced behavior.
  2. Be courteous and respectful to others.
  3. Have FUN!
•  How can I get more involved?
  1. It is customary for members to occasionally bring snacks (finger-foods) to share with others.
  2. Help with cleaning the hall at the end of the evening; putting away chairs, sweeping the floor, taking out the garbage, etc.
  3. Hold an office on the club board.